These plants might not take as much of a beating as traditional lawn grass, but they can stand up to moderate foot traffic with a lot less maintenance.

Walk On Me

Ground Cover Design Tips

A well-chosen ground cover can fill in areas where traditional lawngrasses refuse to grow, providing a low-maintenance yet beautiful alternative. These plants can stand up to moderate foot traffic; their use is limited only by your imagination.

Forever & Ever Ground Cover has the perfect plants for these areas.

  • Determine trouble spots. Many of these varieties are excellent for dry, shady spots beneath trees and shrubs where little else can grow.
  • Think year-round. Evergreen varieties will provide interest and walkable comfort throughout the year.
  • Make it exciting. Walkable doesn’t mean flat and boring. Use shorter varieties in higher-traffic areas, and use taller, flowering varieties toward the back of the area to add depth and interest.

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