Forever & Ever Ground Covers are the practical, earth-friendly and foolproof plants of the landscape. They offer the versatility to integrate with and accent other elements of the garden, and they are eager to step up, and be stepped on, as your landscape’s problem-solvers — Forever and Ever.

Our ground covers spread rapidly, hug the ground and create a lush, beautiful carpet. They deserve a place in your landscape. You’ll love their looks, and the work that they do.

Videos, Tips & Care

Walk On Me

These plants might not take as much of a beating as traditional lawn grass, but they can stand up to moderate foot traffic with a lot less maintenance.

Erosion Control

These plants use their spreading roots and foliage to hold the soil of banks and slopes in place. They are excellent at absorbing water and preventing runoff that would otherwise cause erosion.

Grass Replacement

These plants hug the ground, almost as short as a lawn. They readily spread over large areas and are especially effective when planted en masse. Many offer seasonal color.

Pathway Accents

These plants are perfect for planting between stepping stones or paving bricks, along walks or to help delineate garden walkways. They spread slowly and do not encroach.

Drought Defiers

These plants thrive in the well-drained soils typical of rock gardens and add a fine splash of seasonal color and textural contrast, all while helping control weeds.