Forever & Ever® Together Hydrangea

Forever & Ever® Together Hydrangea


The mophead blooms of this variety can reach 8" across and are made up of double blue or pink flowers which progress through a series of colors throughout the season. Blooms begin opening a light green color in early summer and mature to rich violet or red by season’s end.


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Hydrangea macrophylla ‘RIE 05’ – PP18508


Ryoji Irie from Kyoto, Japan


Flowers progress from light green, to pink or blue (depending on soil acidity), then mature to rich violet or red


Hardy in USDA zones 5 through 9


Large 8" mophead blooms comprised of individual double flowers


Spring to Fall


Large lustrous, deep green leaves


2-3' tall, 3-5' wide


Compact, rounded habit


Ideal for containers, flower bed features, shrub borders, and landscape accents. Blooms in northern areas where many other hydrangeas typically do not perform well.


Does best in well-drained soil with good organic matter; prefers slightly acidic soil; avoid heavy clay with poor drainage


Morning Sun and Afternoon Shade


Controlled release fertilizer (10-10-10) is recommended in spring


Under severe disease conditions, plant can develop powdery mildew; leaf spot can also be a problem late in the season


Generally pest free