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USDA Cold Hardiness Map / Zone Finder

When you visit your local garden center, you will find plants that have been selected for superior and successful performance in your area of the country. To find out which USDA Cold Hardiness Zone you are in, enter your mailing address zip code into the box provided.

Cold Hardiness

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Hardiness Zone is a numerical guide that represents a range of temperatures. The zones within the continental USA are zone 2 (the coldest) to zone 10 (the warmest). Each zone is defined as a range of 10 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature. All plants (except annuals) have been rated to survive and grow to a certain zone. If a plant is hardy to zone 4, it will also survive in zones that are warmer, zone 5 and greater.

Determination of cold hardiness is not an exact science. Many factors besides temperature influence plant survival in winter. Because of these other factors, plants can survive + or – one zone shift from their “official” rating. Use plant zones only as a general guide. If a shrub, perennial, or tree is found at your local garden center, you can be assured that it has been selected to thrive in your area.

Some plants that are listed as zone 10 or 11 are of such seasonal beauty that they are treated as tender perennials or annuals and enjoyed for one growing season.

How to Use the Cold Hardiness Map

Cold Hardiness zones are based on the average annual minimum temperatures in a given area of the country.

Each of the map’s colored zones is separated by 10 degrees of temperature. To know your zone, locate your area and then match up the corresponding color on the map with that on the legend.